My Form of Self-Care

Sometimes social media can be great and remind you of how important you are...


Thank you Trader Joe's  for a wonderful reminder we all need at times. Taking care of yourself and  making time for what fills your cup is SUPER important. What fills each of our cups is different and for me this post is a way to remind myself of what I need. 

What do I LOVE? What keeps me motivated and smiling everyday?

1. My family and friends. This Thanksgiving was my first holiday not spent with my family and I realized even more how much I REALLY miss them. xoxo #familyfirst #frandss #mr.andmrs.mckinney

2. Cooking. I have been so off schedule with grocery shopping, meal prep, keeping up with my fav bloggers and their new recipes. I was pretending to be Martha Stewart at 6 years old and grocery shopping for my mom in junior high...these things are apart of who I am! 


3. The great outdoors. I am very fortunate to live in Florida and have sunny, 80 degree weather everyday...I miss Ohio, but not the snow and cold! 

4. Snacks. No explanation needed. If you don't like snacks your not human. Larabar and my Klean Canteen everyday. 

5. Running. Throwback to the "golden years." GO BUCKEYES! I miss competing and running through the Ohio metroparks with my favorite people...SHOUTOUT Dave's Running crew! Running can be stressful and painful, but the challenge, constant soreness, and the accomplished feeling after a long workout make it totally worth it. Finding some soft terrain in FL has been a challenge and is causing some prolonged foot issues(ugh running ha)...but again the weather is wonderful! Shorts and tanks everyday...what?!? 

6. Frankenstien. How can this not make you smile?! A pug loving on his baby pug. 

7. Chatting about anything wellness, nutrition, amazing brands that support a balanced life! I am so happy my husband encouraged me to start this blog. He knows how long I've wanted to do this and supports me in my venture to become a private practice RD and start our wellness business. I've been MIA for a month or two, but the time has come to get back on this blogging train! Toot Toot or should I say WOOT WOOT.


A little help from he husband in kitchen + a Whole Living Lauren din din. 


8. Last, but not least online "shopping." This one may seem a bit random, but it hit me this week how much I missed "shopping" online. Shopping is in quotes because I don't actually purchase online, but browse and "pretend to shop" by putting things in my cart. Strange? Maybe, but I love it! I use to do it as a kid except instead of adding it to my cart, I would create word documents and copy and paste things I wanted. I usually didn't get those things, but it was fun! Recent "shopping" has included: Madewell, Ann Taylor LOFT, Adidas, Beautycounter

So-this post was not about a new recipe or what I've been cooking up lately, but it was important and much needed to get me back into my groove. I challenge all of you to make a list of what you need and what you love! It will make all the difference and create a reset wherever you are in life. 

Next up...My Holiday Wish List and some recipes I and you all must try!