Our Story

Hi! Welcome to all things pugs, plants, and push-ups! We are the McKinney's...my name is Meredith and Josh is my husband. We share a love for delicious breakfast, dogs with smashed faces, "maintenance" (read on), sunshine, and local brews (coffee and beer)!

Our hometown is Toledo, OH, but we recently moved to the sunshine state (Miami, FL)!  We are looking forward to sunshine 24/7 (NO MORE snow-ice-0 degree weather), finding the best tacos, and brunching on the weekends. 

I am a Registered Dietitian and Josh is a Certified Athletic Trainer. He will be Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach after 2 years of grad school at the "U." We have a stubborn, but loving pug named Frankenstein who will be frequently featured...you will learn to love his monkey face and bean shaped body, I will make sure of it. 

Our Blog 

 Simple Recipes:

  1. quick and plant-filled 
  2. featuring pantry staples and fridge essentials
  3. meals and snacks to fuel the family, athlete, or every day wellness fanatic 


  1. "maintenance"-(Josh's term) workouts that don't require equipment and focus on using body weight to strengthen 
  2. modified plans for those coming back from injury or who require an altered form of common exercises

Living/Pug life:

  1. meal preparation/grocery lists
  2. things we love (recipes, products, restaurants, etc.)
  3. everything PUGS-treat recipes, analysis of dog foods, dog accessories